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Reduce inspections through
electronic pumpout manifests

Linko's Pumpout Manifest (POM) Portal is designed for FOG Programs who want to focus their limited resources on Facilities who are not cleaning their grease abatement devices as required, exceed 25% rules or have devices in need of repair.

POM Portal provides a solution for gathering electronic pumpout manifests from Facilities or Haulers thereby eliminating manual data entry of manifests by FOG Program staff and for automatically emailing reminders as well as scheduling pumpouts for the Facilities.  Facilities not meeting their maintenance requirements are easily identified, allowing FOG Program staff to focus enforcement and inspection activities on those facilities not in compliance.

How it works:

POM Portal - How it works graphic

You can now use Linko to focus on Facilities not meeting their maintenance requirements



It saves the Authority personnel time by:

Not only benefits the FOG program, wastewater treatment plant and utility staff, but the Facilities and Haulers!

What's in it for the FSE?

What's in it for the Hauler?

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